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PRYME PROMOTERS PRIVATE LIMITED is a subsidiary of HAJEE MOOSA PRIVATE LIMITED by marking it's entry into premium real estate sector with the  development of PRYME NEO - a prestigious residential project in Madurai. 

HAJEEMOOSA is one of the first multi branded large format super stores in India. Established in the year 1878 with a small space of 100 sq. ft., Hajeemoosa has come a long way as the pride of Madurai. The textile brand has ventured into construction seeking to leverage the fabric of trust it has built in Madurai.


Placing the needs of the customers at the forefront, the company plans to bring to town many such PRYME RESIDENCES, a community of affordable apartments at prime locations. Pryme apartments are lifestyle apartments in contemporary architecture and come with wellness and luxury facilities for your modern living.

Every Pryme apartment adheres to the principles of environmental sustainability promoting a sense of community through developing an inner connection with nature. 

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